2023 Draft Class Memberships Now Available!

We’d like to cordially invite you to be a part of our Fifth Annual “Draft Class”. You can purchase below, or you can come into the shop. If you purchase online, please bring your receipt to the shop to collect your swag. And if you’re purchasing as a gift, just shoot us a note with the name and email we should use for the membership – we won’t spoil your surprise until after Christmas!

As in the past, we have two levels of memberships. The “Lottery Pick” is $90 and the “Draft Class” is $65. Both levels get the membership perks below, but the Lottery Pick also receives:

  • VIP party for you and a guest at the end of the year (this year’s party was at Skeleton Key Brewing in Woodridge).
  • Name on a new plaque for 2023 (the original grand opening plaque will NEVER be removed, however, so all founding members will always be on display!).
  • The opportunity to be a “Lottery Member of the Month”, where we’ll hold all “in-demand” beer releases for you in your winning month (for instance, no more need to “chase” Hop Butcher or Phase Three before they sell out…we’ll hold whatever the release limits are for you to purchase at your leisure).
  • NEW for 2023 – two winners each month get to pick a beer we’ll have on draft, whether a “legacy” beer that you love, or something from the Orange & Brew cellar!

All Memberships include:

  • A custom Orange & Brew combo Bluetooth speaker and lantern for those outdoors bottle shares!
  • Four total draft beers of your choice for on-site consumption (one per quarter in 2023), limited to beers that are $10 or less.
  • A keychain that doubles as your membership card, and stamp card to keep track of your quarterly beers.
  • A “member’s only” mug to drink from when you visit, which will be filled with 20 ounces of beer at the 16 ounce price, or 15 ounces at the 12 ounce price (beers higher than 8% ABV won’t be included…we want to keep you safe!!).
  • $2 off all draft beer from Sunday through Tuesday, 5% off your order from Wednesday through Friday, and 15% off merchandise at all times!
  • Membership invitation to our private Facebook group.

You don’t need a scouting service to be drafted.  You can come into the shop to join and pick up your items, or you can join by purchasing online.  Memberships are limited and when they fill up, we stop sales.

If you’re ready to declare for the 2023 draft, please select your membership level.

Lottery Pick – $90 – SOLD OUT for 2023!!

Draft Pick – $65