Get Healthier in 2024!

If you’re like many of us, the holidays have taken a toll on your bodies…lots of parties, food, alcohol, mentally keeping up with the hustle and bustle. So this year, we want to start January off by highlighting some ways to get active and get rewarded.

First way is a cool partnership that the Downers Grove Historical Society crafted called the “Architectural Scavenger Hunt”! Each week in January, we’ll provide a different clue sheet to identify architectural details around town. We suggest you WALK around town to try to catch these subtle details, then fill your answers in and bring into the shop.
Each Tuesday we’ll draw a winner for a $50 Orange & Brew gift card (so get your entries in by 5 p.m. on Sundays!). Each week will be a different sheet, and each week entries reset and we’ll only pull winners from that week’s submissions. So be sure to participate each week for chances to win…the Week One sheet is below, so feel free to print out at home and get to work!

By the way, it’s FREE to enter, 21+ to win,…PLUS, each visit that you bring a sheet in we’ll give you $2 off all your full-sized draft beers, cans of beer, seltzer, cider, glasses of wine, hop water, or any of our special non-alcoholic drinks on the day you drop off (fine print…one discount day a week, to be used by the participant only, and not to be combined with any other discounts, sorry!).

All the info is here, and be sure to consider becoming a member of the Historical Society to help them bring more fun activities like these to our community!

Here’s another incentive to treat yourself in January…get active to earn your beverages. If you come in during January and show us that you completed your fitness goals for the day…whether it’s closing your exercise ring, hitting your daily step goal, collecting all your Heart Points, or however else you’re tracking your activity goals, we’ll give you $2 off any of our on-premise items. That’s full-sized draft beers, cans of beer, seltzer, cider, glasses of wine, non-alcoholic beer, hop water, or any of our special non-alcoholic drinks this month. And we’ll be pretty open-ended on what those “goals” are…if you’re hitting a fitness goal you set, we want to reward you whatever that goal, or level, is! We want to see you healthy and happy, and being a part of all the social fun at the shop helps, so let’s get you the incentive for that!

And finally, if Dry January is your thing, we’re here to help with that, too. All month we’ll have a non-alcoholic beer on tap, beginning with Untitled Art’s NA Juicy IPA.

We always have a fairly large list of NA cans of beer from both Untitled Art and Go Brewing, and we’ll bulk that up to give you plenty of options. You’ll see Italian Pilsners, Mexican Lagers, Hazy IPAs, Hoppy IPAs, Fruited Sours, Wit Bier, and even some Dark Brews. Plus we have a selection of hop waters available.

And we’ve been dabbling a bit with Ritual Zero-Proof spirits over the holidays to dial in a couple of non-alcoholic cocktails you can enjoy here. Give us until the upcoming weekend to really get these set up, but hopefully you like them!

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