Herby & Terry Tapping on 4/20

Herbasaurus & Terpasaurus 🦕🦖

These dank species’ of double IPA were discovered in the West Coast region of the US. Only eating a diet of the most herbaceous mixed greens – Eureka, Apollo, Simcoe, Columbus, and Centennial hops – Herbasaurus was a favorite around these parts last year. Terpasaurus is the product of wanting to dig deeper & discover an even more dank brew. Non-cannabis derived Pineapple Express terpenes give Terpasaurus an intense resiny & sticky profile. Both weigh in at 9% ABV, and are perfect thirst-quenching brews to wash down some munchies with while you vibe out. 

Both Phase Three kegs get tapped at open so you can try them both!

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