Go Brewing NA Beers On Draft All Month

We know Dry January is a thing, and encourage responsible and moderate drinking. While we always have a great selection of non-alcoholic beer in cans available to take home OR to drink here, we’re taking it a step further in January.

We’ll start with Prophets Hazy IPA on draft when we open our first day of the new year, and will also have their full line of beer available in cold cans to enjoy here.All month we’ll have an NA draft line dedicated to some of the finest-tasting non-alcoholic craft beer available.

First up is Go Brewing out of Naperville. This new local brewery knows that after a long day of work, or celebrating with friends, you want to grab a drink. If you’re looking to cut calories, feel better, or of course are doing Dry January, we’re here to help!Don’t make Dry January a reason to stay in all month. Come grab a draft with friends!

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