WOW- Thanks for the outpouring of love and excitement on Facebook regarding our opening announcement! We added 350 followers since we shared the details roughly 12 hours ago. So keep ‘em coming and share away with your friends!! We’ve loved reading all your comments and the #1 questions so far are “where?” and “when?” If you check out the below Google earth image you will see where we are in proximity to the Downers Grove train station on Burlington. We’re in the same building as the Pinecone Cottage Tea House on the south side of the tracks. So if you ride this train daily or live in any of the many condos or apartments nearby, you’re walking distance away from your next great beer! For those of you driving, there is plenty of parking nearby, not to mention some fabulous shopping and food options. The “when” is a bit trickier – it will all depend on our construction timeline. But stay close to this page and we promise to keep you in the loop on everything!


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